Polished Concrete Facts

Polished Concrete has only been around for about 10yrs or so. Its is also referred to as Architectural Concrete. Polished Concrete is evolving every day with new products and different processes. We are constantly testing new products to make your floors better. For example: Commercial and Industrial flooring oil/water repellants and protections against salt. The coloring started with the old Acid Stains and now has made it way to water based Stains. Most industrial and commercial projects are done without staining. Staining and custom designs are seen in retail, residential and basements.

Continuing Education of Polished Concrete is a top priority for Reflective Crete to keep all employees up to date. Reflective Crete strives to deliver the best products and services for its customers.

When we are done Polishing the concrete there are no thick sealers applied only a Guard that is a consistency of Windex. This helps protect against spills and chemicals. This give you time to clean up any spills. These Concrete Guards are not designed for long term spills or puddling.

Polished Concrete is not slick believe it or not. All polished concrete exceeds OSHA and ADA standards when put to the test. Concrete with sealers tend to be more slick than polished concrete.

The shine is developed through a series of diamond grits: 6grit to 3500grit. The shine is your concrete not a topical sealer that is prone to scratch. Topical sealers are designed for exterior use. Reflective Crete doesn’t recommend any topical sealers on any interior concrete floors.

Polished Concrete reduces tire marks. It also prolongs tire wear.


There are many different looks that are desired in Concrete Polishing.  The most typical is Mirror like and some prefer a Matte look. These looks are considered levels that range from Level 1 to Level 4. The more shine the more the concrete surface is closed up and the easiest to clean because the dust sits on the surface of the concrete.

Level 1:

This is a matte look that is dull and looks smooth. The concrete polishing process is stopped at a 100 resin grit diamond. Industrial

Level 2:

This is a low sheen finish that is reflective and smooth. The concrete polishing is stopped at a 400 resin grit diamond. Industrial and Commercial

Level 3:

This has a shiny and smooth finish. This finish is most popular in warehouses and commercial applications. The concrete polishing is stopped at a 800 resin grit diamond. Industrial, Commercial, Basements and Residential.

Level 4:

This is the shiniest and produces the most shine. This is most popular in Commercial, Retail and Residential applications. The concrete polishing is stopped and a 3000 resin grit diamond. Industrial, Commercial, Basements and Residential.

Gloss Chart:

There are gloss meters that are used to read the degree of reflection of the finished floor. This devise is used in commercial applications as quality control.

Level:                                    Gloss Reading:

Level 1                                  0-40

Level 2                                  40-50

Level 3                                  50-60

Level 4                                  60-80

Polished Concrete also reduces the amount of lighting needed to light the same space.

Other Source for Information: Concrete Network


Concrete Polishing Video